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Bio: Lana Drew is a professional RI concierge and personal assistant who can help make your life easier by providing a variety of personal services that will free up your valuable time while giving you the peace-of-mind that your important tasks will be accomplished promptly and accurately.

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Our Services

Our service is about your student getting through years of study concentrating on what counts right now; their education!

Managing life's necessities requires time and attention. University costs are high enough. Why spend valuable time on the wrong target?

Lana's services can help a student stick to the most important goals of this once in a lifetime period; their college education.

Is it really a luxury if attending to life's basics right now means less concentration and focus?

University life can be a community effort where together; parents, students, helpers, educators and administrators are working creatively to make the best of this educational experience.

Lana Drew and her team can be trusted to make certain the job of everyday life necessities gets done responsibly.

On time and within budget.

How It Works

Purchase a time commitment for Lana Drew's professional concierge services.

Choose one or more services.

1) Our team will arrange for your professional services at fair market rates with our many providers and prepare a quotation and invoice for your approval and payment.

2) Commit to the services and make the payment directly to Lana Drew via PayPal.

3) All communication, billing and payments to providers are handled by Lana with the service providers.

4) You receive the services and an accounting of action and expenditures.

Its simple, professional and responsibly handled.

It is great to have a partner like Lana who has the connections and knows the ropes.

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